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Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Not Medicine Thy Food!
Graham Reeve
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Herbalife’s high quality products and programmes offer you:
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Herbalife products are a mix of ancient knowledge of herbs and the very latest scientific technology to provide the ultimate food and nutrition for your body.
I’ll Help you to lose weight and get in shape.
I’ve lost  3 stone
and 4 inches off my waist & Chest.
If I can do it  - so can you.
Before using Herbalife products, and being grossly overweight, I used to find that running just once round a dog show ring left me completely breathless and my heart pounding like mad. I used to feel very sleepy during the afternoon, around tea time, and would often have a nap in the evening in front of the TV. I am also diabetic (type 2)

Since using the products my weight and measurements have come down. I feel more awake and energetic.  My diabetes is well controlled and now I can run several times round a show ring with my dogs, 3 classes in a row, without getting breathless or my heart pounding like mad and feeling as though I was about to collapse. I feel as though I have got some years back.
18 ½ + Stone >>>>>
16 ½ Stone>>>
15st. 9lb. >>>>
On my way down and still losing -
Set from:10th Oct 2009
How many dress (or trousers) sizes did you put on over Christmas????
Something to think about:
It is easy to say something, but it takes effort to do it.
Demonstrate what you want to achieve by doing it yourself.
Don’t just talk about losing weight or shaping up
- make the effort and DO IT! - Let us help you.
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